What is a week long?

Join us on a journey inward, deep into the quantum world of possibilities. As his dream continues to evolve, Dr Joe introduces the next level of his teachings in his week long event in the amazing city of Indian Wells. This seven-day advanced retreat is designed for students to delve even deeper into the work. From the evolution of the Advanced Workshops over the last 5 years, this new format is designed to truly challenge you to master yourself and your life. This new format will allow students to retreat from their lives for an entire week and remove the constant stimulation from the external environment that reminds them of who they think they are as a personality. As they separate themselves from the people they know, the things they own, and the places they go at the same time each day in their predictable lives, they will be given plenty of engaging opportunities to more powerfully create a new personality and a new personal reality. We have found that our students breakthrough on the last few days of the 4 day Advanced Workshops. We have witnessed them perform so many miraculous changes and truly become supernatural. There have been so many powerful transformations and healings in these previous workshops but as Sunday rolls around with their energy levels so elevated, then they have to go home that night or the next day. What if they had a few more days to be challenged to the next level of their abilities, once they have moved beyond their past personality? Is it possible they can perform more of the uncommon and make it a skill? In these new week-long retreats, Dr Joe will introduce new teachings and new meditations. There will be fun group activities, entertaining evening gatherings, and mysterious adventures into the unknown that will facilitate the group in building stronger community, while encouraging each participant to become their highest ideal. Take a leap into the unknown and join us on a journey that will spark your creativity, elevate your belief in possibility, challenge you to become the most inspiring version of yourself, and give you the freedom to truly love yourself in a fun and healthy environment.